Are Ampoules Skincare's Latest Innovation?

By Julia Roble

There are many skincare products rising to popularity nowadays and one that’s definitely on that list are ampoules. Despite it being a fairly new addition to a lot of global and big skincare companies, ampoules have actually been around for quite some time. The popularity of its use originates from South Korea and we’re not surprised since it’s practically one of the skincare capitals of the world.


A staple for Korean women and now a favorite amongst many, these little concentrated serums are highly effective and work in a short amount of time so we can certainly see why a lot of people swear by it! Curious to know more? Check out our guide below! 


What are ampoules?

Ampoules are highly-concentrated vials that contain actives that are meant to work as a booster and often come in tiny glass bottles that are meant for one time use. They are often portioned off into daily doses that last a span of a few days or weeks, similar to being on a program to do intensive work on your skin.


Why does it come in super small doses? And why glass? 


The packaging plays a key role in preserving the quality of the product. Because ampoules are potent, the glass packaging makes sure to keep the purity of the product while making sure it doesn’t get exposed to factors like light and air that may change its condition.


What’s the difference between ampoules and serums?

Ampoules are extremely potent, which means there's a bigger amount of concentration in a single, tiny vial as opposed to a regular sized bottle of serum. They are also much more effective which is why it’s meant to be done as a program and not for regular use. It’s also for singular use whereas serums tend to last you longer in terms of supply, but it’s only because of how powerful and fast-working each dose can be from an ampoule.  

How do I incorporate it into my routine? 

Typically, you can incorporate the ampoules after your toner, essence or serum and before your moisturizer. 


How do I use an ampoule?

As daunting as they may look, they’re actually super easy to apply and can be done in four easy steps: 

Step 1 - Open the ampoule: Start off by taking one vial and breaking the tip of the product away with your hands (we recommend using a tissue so you don’t cut yourself) or by simply using an opener if it comes with it. Don’t be intimidated by the glass packaging! It won’t give you a splinter so long as you snap off the ampoule properly. 

Step 2 - Apply the entire product: Once it’s open, you can start gently massaging all of the product into your face, neck and décolletage area in upward motions. 

Step 3 - Use up everything: Make sure you use the entire ampoule! Remember, each vial is for single use so once you open it, it’s best to use up everything and not leave anything to waste.

Step 4 - Repeat: After that’s done, you repeat the whole process every night with your usual skincare routine until the set is complete and finished!

Our favorite picks for ampoules: 



If a hydration boost is what you’re looking for, you’ve definitely come to the right place. Ampoule sets like 111 Skin’s The Hydration Concentrate work towards giving your skin instant moisture that deeply penetrates skin layers and replenishes moisture reservoirs.

111 Skin The Hydration Concentrate



Everyone wants glowing skin but admittedly not everyone has the patience for it. Enter radiance ampoules like Dr. Spiller’s Glow - The Radiance Ampoules that target dull-looking skin and transform it to bright and illuminating skin. 

Dr. Spiller Glow - The Radiance Ampoules



Striving for youthful looking skin? Products such as 111 Skin The Firming Concentrate does the job of taking the most active ingredients and utilizing them to tighten, lift and firm skin to fight the signs of aging. 

111 Skin The Firming Concentrate



Skin regeneration is super important in producing collagen and helping our skin retain it’s elasticity. With that said, reaching for an option like Dr. Barbara Sturm Night Ampoules may be a step in the right direction if you’re concerned about your skin’s renewal process. They both have reparative functions that aim to repair damage your skin may have gone through such as UV ray damage. 

Dr. Barbara Sturm Night Ampoules

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