Getting Beach Ready With Trizie

Summer is all about being carefree & comfortable in your skin, whether it may be wearing that bikini or enjoying a new hobby under the sun- and this summer, TRIZIE has got you covered when it comes to protecting your skin, gut, and overall wellness! Enjoy exclusive discounts plus a Free Rose Gold Tumbler with every purchase of these TRIZIE bundles from March 27 - 31! Read more to know how you can mix and match these fiber drinks and beauty ingestibles to find your perfect pair!  


These Fiber blends are a bestseller for a reason, you'll only need one drink to instantly cleanse your gut from toxins and reduce bloating in less than 8 hours. There are 3 unique fiber drinks to choose from Clean Fiber, Light Fiber, and Grape Fiber. Clean Fiber is best for a total to cleanse as it boosts up your weight loss efforts with its natural fat-burning ingredients. On the other hand, the Light Fiber is for weight maintenance since it's more gentle to the tummy, we recommend this drink to those who are still new to the world of detoxing. Lastly, we have Grape Fiber, which is powered by nature’s powerful prebiotics for improved digestion and antioxidants for boosted immunity. 

TRIZIE Collagen Plus 

This beauty indigestible is the ultimate skin food because it’s supercharged with youth boosters to nourish youthful glowing skin and prebiotics to maintain a balanced gut. It’s also different from your regular collagen powder drinks because it's not full of fillers and sugar. Collagen can also help improve your sleep quality because its rich in a protein called Glycine, which helps to make it easier for you to fall into a deep slumber. 

TRIZIE Bloom Jelly

Last but not least, we have Bloom Jelly, a yummy jelly snack that is supercharged with brightening sun shield ingredients for glowing skin and UV protection! TRIZIE Bloom Jelly is made with natural and premium ingredients such as White Tomato Extract which has tomato carotenoids that can also absorb UV and infrared wavelengths, providing excellent protection against destructive sun rays. It also has Vitamin C that shields the skin from environmental damage, making your complexion stay smooth and glowy. Vitamin C also brightens dull skin, fades hyperpigmentation, and boosts collagen production

Here are the available bundles to choose from! Shop here:

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