Your Screen Time Is Making You Age Faster And Here's How

By Julia Roble

Living in a tropical country, we are aware of the damage harmful sun rays can make but did you know that the light emitted from your phone is something you should keep watch of too? A study showed that  the average person has a screen time of 3 hours a day, which could have only increased exponentially with the aftermath of the pandemic. All things considered, the truth of the matter is that we are constantly facing a screen now that our world has shifted into more of a digital platform. 

With that being said, you may have heard of blue light but do you really know how it may affect your skin in the process too? If you don’t or are curious to learn more, we’ve got you covered! 


What is Blue Light? 

Blue light is one of the colors in the visible light spectrum and is high-energy with a short wavelength. We all get a significant dose of blue light under the sun, however, this is much present within our computer and phone screens too which can cause more damage to your skin than you think. 

How can Blue Light negatively affect your skin?

Not to be confused with UVA which comes from the sun, all electronic devices transmit HEV light or High Energy Visible light that can penetrate deeply and damage your cells. According to Dr. Sturm, “HEV-induced free radicals destroy the complex cell structures over time, including the skin’s collagen and elastin. HEV light exposure can also cause an inflammatory cascade, making skin prone to premature aging, dryness, impaired skin healing, melasma, sensitivity, wrinkles, uneven tone and texture, as well as sagging.” 

Blue light has several detrimental effects that span from hyperpigmentation to cell shrinkage and even speeding up the aging process, which gives us all the more reason to be wary about what we expose our skin to on a daily basis. While the effects of damage from blue light may not happen overnight, it is quite cumulative and with the rate and time we spend on our devices these days, your skin may be more exposed than you think. Furthermore, it may cause oxidative stress towards your skin which then causes loss in collagen and elastin in our system. It can also trigger a lot of skin conditions that you may already have such as melasma. 

How can we protect our skin from blue light damage? 

1. Sunscreen. 

An evident no-brainer, an SPF with a sufficient broad-spectrum can do wonders for your skin, especially in terms of slowing down the process of anti-aging and making sure your skin gets enough protection that it needs. In fact, sunscreen should be an absolute essential and it’s one of the things our Global CEO, Porsajika can’t live without

With that in mind, our favorite picks for sunscreen has got to be EviDens de Beaute’s Anti-Pollution Total Shield SPF 50 and KAHI Seoul’s Wrinkle Bounce Essential Sun Cream because they both do a beautifully simple yet effective job in giving shielding your skin from the harmful lights we face on a daily basis, may that be the sun or your phone! 

If you’re not into sunscreen so much, a good alternative is Dr. Barbara Sturm’s Anti-Pollution Drops do their part in skin protection since it gives your skin the moisture it needs along with remarkable antioxidants that fight against the ultrafine pollutants that infiltrate your skin. 

EviDens de Beaute’s Anti-Pollution Total Shield SPF 50

KAHI Seoul Wrinkle Bounce Essential Sun Cream
Dr. Barbara Sturm Anti-Pollution Drops

2. Blue light phone shield.

If blue light glasses exist to shield your eyes from the harmful rays from your phone, you bet your lucky stars that blue light screen guards exist too! They act as a barrier from your device to you, which makes everything all the more easy and convenient in this aspect. 


3. Products with antioxidants.

Adjusting your skincare regimen is a good step forward to preventing any damage you may incur from your screens. Although with or without screen time, you should already be incorporating topical antioxidants into your routine regardless, this is a good reminder to start or keep doing so. It has become more of a necessity now, especially with safeguarding your skin. 

As you know, we already naturally produce antioxidants in our system but the light exposure tends to soak it all up. By introducing your skin to products filled with antioxidants such as Dr. Barbara Sturm’s The Good C Vitamin C Serum and 111 Skin’s Vitamin C Brightening Booster, it acts as an aid in boosting the defense against oxidative environmental damage. 

Dr. Barbara Sturm The Good C Vitamin C Serum
111 Skin Vitamin C Brightening Booster


4. Less screen time. 

An obvious choice to lessen blue light damage is definitely by reducing your screen time. Though it may be tricky nowadays considering how work and school are often remote and within the four corners of our desktop, it’s nice to schedule a well-deserved detox from the digital world, especially when you’re taking a break. This doesn’t only give your eyes time to rest, but lessens the stress your skin receives from all the light exposure and pollution. 

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