Let's Talk About Hydration: Your Guide To The Rainy Season

By Julia Roble 

The ber months have surely arrived in the Philippines and it’s definitely time to swap out a few of your products in line with the weather! The change in temperature and environment are bound to affect your skin and hair and bring a change in them as well. With that said, we’ve curated a list of products that are perfect for the rainy day season to ensure that your skin and hair stay healthy and in tip-top shape. 





1. Body Wash

There’s nothing like a good, moisturizing body wash to help your skin stay hydrated. Our pick for this is undoubtedly Eviden’s The Silky Bath and Shower Wash. 

2. Lotion

Dry and rough skin all over your body? A quick rescue would be Eviden’s The Moisturizing Lotion that is a gentle moisturizing lotion that softens, smoothens and refines the skin’s texture, while providing instant relief and comfort.




  1. Cleanser

When the rainy season comes, dull skin also tends to be an aftermath. That said, 111 Skin’s Vitamin C Brightening Cleanser helps brighten, nourish and enhance collagen in skin, saying goodbye to boring, discolored skin.

2. Serum/Ampoules

Looking for a way to effectively recharge and rejuvenate dehydrated skin? 111 Skin’s The Hydration Concentrate works as a 7-day intensive treatment program that aims to hydrate your skin through a blend of active ingredients and humectants specifically formulated to address dehydrated and dry complexion.

3. Moisturizer

Dr. Barbara Sturm’s The Face Cream won’t just reinforce hydration into your skin, it also works towards improving your overall complexion, casting a healthy and radiant glow.

4. Sunscreen

Despite the evident, gloomy weather, you most certainly still need to consider sunscreen as an absolute must. Although it’s cloudy out and it looks like the sun isn’t anywhere to be seen, UV Rays are very much still rampant and strong and can still affect your skin! One of our favorite sunscreens is Evidens Anti-Pollution Total Shield that helps protect your skin from the harmful rays.


 Evidens de Beaute Anti-Pollution Total Shield

5. Lips

Cold weather is guaranteed to give you cracked, dry lips which don't just look bad, but may be painful as well. Dr. Barbara Sturm’s Lip Balm is a specially developed cure for that. This balm is super-nourishing and contains a blend of plant-based oils, butters and waxes to swiftly restore comfort and long-term moisture.





1. Dry Scalp

Suffering this season with a dry scalp? Philip B’s Peppermint Avocado Scalp Scrub is an effective fix that gently exfoliates polishes to remove any buildup, in order to reward you with not just a healthy scalp but with fuller hair too. 

2. Frizzy Hair

Getting caught in the rain results in frizzy hair, but there’s no need to fret. Especially when you’ve got Philip B’s Forever Shine Conditioner that fortifies dry strands and tames frizz.


Philip B Forever Shine Conditioner

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