N LIFEPLUS: Discovering the Beauty of a Clean Life

By Katarina De Guzman

About the Brand 

Originally from Thailand, N LIFEPLUS is a health and beauty brand that focuses on providing clean solutions to your everyday life. It aims to produce products made out of 100% natural and high-quality ingredients that have gone through formulation methods combining traditional knowledge with contemporary science and nutrition. The brand prides itself on its clean formula that brings tangible physical benefits and lasting emotional balance to its users. Its initial launch will consist of three premium hair care products that will reflect distinct pathways to wellness.

What Makes N LIFEPLUS Stand Out?

Natural and sustainable. These are the two words to describe N LIFEPLUS best. The brand stands by its truth of having "A Heart for Nature" by responsibly sourcing its fresh ingredients from suppliers, who work hand in hand with local farmers in support of their communities. N LIFEPLUS only uses natural, wild-harvested, and first-pressed sourced ingredients because they believe in applying techniques that preserve the beauty of our planet. Not to mention, all of the products are entirely free from harmful components such as sulfate, paraben, mineral oil, and silicon. The best part? N LIFEPLUS is a purely vegan brand that never tests on animals and is against any form of animal cruelty in the business industries.

The Beauty of Black Glutinous Rice

The three product formulations are designed with Natural Hair Foods such as Darkenyl, Pine Bark Extract, Witch Hazel, Cailmax, and Beetroot Betaine, all of which do their part to let your hair be the best version it can be. Although the standout ingredient is none other than the Black glutinous rice, which contains anthocyanin, a natural chemical that strengthens hair, promotes hair growth, and delays greying. Black Glutinous Rice Extract also helps to nourish the hair from deep within its roots and promote blood flow on the scalp.


Women from Thailand are known for their long, silky, and luxurious hair. And there is no doubt that many Thai women have raved about N LIFEPLUS products and the wonders it has done to their hair. At N LIFEPLUS, the secret is simple- as the brand has formulated its products specifically for Asian women who want to elevate their beautiful black hair, which is why they are confident that their products will perfectly suit all Filipinos' hair care routines. With the use of powerful natural ingredients that penetrate deep into the scalp to nourish and rejuvenate, N LIFEPLUS has made healthy, visibly long, and voluminous hair achievable for everyone without the need to go to the salon.

The Wait is Over.

Are you ready to get your hands on the newest holy grail hair care products? Well, we've got some excellent news for you! For the first time in the Philippines, N LIFEPLUS is available here exclusively on BFF Manila! The presale is now open, so be the first in line to nourish your hair to life! 

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