Shining in Your Own Skin


Today is a very special day because it's International Women's Day! But here at BFF Manila, we make sure to celebrate the beauty of every woman every day because it's what you truly deserve. This year, we want to focus on letting your inner beauty shine, and with that, we have picked our top 4 brightening essentials! Brightening skincare products should be incorporated into everyone's beauty routine as it helps to eliminate dark spots, reduce acne marks, and most importantly, to increase cell turnover & speed up the process of stripping away the damaged upper layers of the skin- revealing the pure soft skin beneath it. Overall, brightening products work to give you that beautiful natural glow. 

The Brightening Set from Evidens

Discover the ancestral Japanese layering ritual with this set, as it offers seven of the brand's most iconic products. When used daily for at least two weeks, this set will instantly reduce pigmentation irregularities, restore radiance and minimize the appearance of dark spots. The Brightening Set includes travel-sized versions of the Cleansing Foaming Gel, the Brightening Lotion, the Brightening Serum, the Brightening Cream, the Night Moisturizer, the Eye Recovery Serum, and the Total Shield. This is undoubtedly the best set to get if you're still starting out to build your own beauty routine.  

Rose Gold Brightening Facial Treatment Mask from 111 Skin

This hydrating facial mask has quickly gone on to be a cult favorite, and we know exactly why- it uses innovative 24k gold to illuminate your skin from within deeply and leaves your face looking brighter & more even-toned. Indulge your skin with this mask for 20 minutes to magically restore its youthful texture by promoting the skin's own natural restorative processes so that growth and regeneration are optimized.

Vitamin C Brightening Cleanser from 111 Skin

If your skin is prone to pigmentation, discoloration, and flushing, then this cleanser is perfect for you since it is designed to correct dull & uneven complexions. This cleanser also deep cleanses your skin with powerful antioxidants such as Vitamin C, which works to brighten and promote collagen in the skin.

Vitamin C Brightening Booster from 111 Skin

Last but not least, this concentrated treatment is formulated to fight off any signs of hyperpigmentation, age spots, and uneven skin tone while reducing discoloration. This booster combines pure Vitamin C with Glutathione and Liquorice Root to boost up their brightening and antioxidant effects without irritation.

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