Top 7 Tips to Guarantee Better Sleep

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Do you have trouble falling asleep? Beauty starts with the inside out, and our under-eye bags definitely reveal the true number of hours we give (or don’t give) to sleep each night. Today, we finally say good-bye to our eye bags as we present to you our top 7 tips that will definitely guarantee you a better sleep!

1. Stick to a consistent sleep schedule
As much as possible, try to go to bed and wake up at the same time. Adults are recommended to sleep for at least 7 hours each night. Being consistent with your sleep schedule aids in long term sleep quality. Studies have shown that having an irregular sleep schedule may reduce melatonin levels, which help signal your brain to sleep.

2. During the day, increase your exposure to bright light
Note that we have internal clocks that are regulated by light exposure! Being exposed to natural light during the day can improve the quality and length of your sleep. In fact, for people with insomnia, daytime bright light exposure lessened the time it took for them to fall asleep by 83%.

3. Avoid blue-light exposure at night
While exposure to light during the day is good, the opposite can be said for the evening. The blue-light from your lights and gadgets can actually make falling asleep more difficult by reducing melatonin levels. You can block blue light from your gadgets and avoid using these all together right before you sleep.

4. Only use your bed for sleep
Only use your bed for sleep --- other activities should not be done while lying down in bed. Aside from this, ensure that your bedroom is a quiet, relaxing, and peaceful environment before you sleep.

5. Limit your naps to 30 minutes max
If you must nap, make sure to limit it to up to 30 minutes and avoid napping so late in the day. This can seriously interfere with your sleep schedule. However, it is important to note that if you work late into the night, napping late into the day may help you make up for lost sleep.

6. De-stress and clear your mind before bed
Having a pre-sleep routine to help you to relax can be highly beneficial. You can listen to relaxing music, read a book, or mediate --- it’s totally up to you! If you can’t seem to keep your mind off your to-do-lists, you can also try to write down what’s on your mind and then set it aside for tomorrow. Ensuring that your mind is relaxed is a top priority!

7. Take a Sleep Supplement: TRIZIE NIGHT Z
Taking a sleep supplement before bed will give your body the nutritional boost it needs to easily fall asleep. With advanced science and the finest German grade ingredients in a concentrated dose, TRIZIE NIGHT Z is powered by nature’s powerful brain boosters that act as sleep inducers, anxiety/stress minimizers, and memory enhancers. It has a dream boost blend of Saffron, Chamomile, Ginkgo Biloba, and L-Theanine, all proven ingredients that aid in giving you the sweetest sleep.


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Article by Andi Panaguiton

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