Understanding Your Oils

By Julia Roble


Monsoon season has finally arrived in Southeast Asia and as the colder weather starts to kick in, this is the best time to think about your skin hydration. While there are a plethora of choices for hydrators in the market, one stellar choice are facial oils

To those unfamiliar with it, it may be quite daunting since the common misconception is that oils will only make you oilier or break you out, but with the proper use and knowledge about this star product, it’ll definitely become a game changer in your routine. 

What are facial oils?

Facial oils are used as hydrators and can help strengthen your skin barrier and protect your skin from damage. Though your body already naturally produces oil, these products can really help rehydrate your skin. A common concern is that it'll clog pores considering it’s an oil, but when it’s extracted properly from natural plant oils instead of mineral oils, it can actually do wonders for your skin! 

What is the ideal skin type for facial oils? Can oily-skinned people use it?

Facial oils can be used for any skin type, so long as you tailor-fit it and pick the products that correspond to your type of skin. Yes, people with oily skin can use facial oils. Understanding the hesitance behind it, facial oils actually work well in helping plump your skin. Remember, just because you have oily skin doesn’t mean you don’t need hydration too! 

Sometimes when your skin isn’t properly hydrated, it tends to produce more oil than usual to compensate for the lack of moisture. However, it’s definitely best to still do your research on which facial oils work in sync with your skin. Definitely proceed with caution!

How do I incorporate it into my routine? 

They say that facial oils actually work best when used with your moisturizer, so if you’ve got dry skin, this may be a duo you’d want to try! According to chatelaine.com, “Face oils nourish, lubricate and form a protective lipid barrier on the surface of the skin to help keep water in, but since they don’t contain any water themselves, they do not actually moisturize. Use them to help support your moisturizer.” 

How do I use it? 

After lathering a decent amount of moisturizer onto your clean skin, you can go in with your selected facial oil by adding a few drops onto your face and gently patting it in. You can use it during the day time or night time, depending on what kind of oil it is. (If it’s a retinol oil, best to use it at night.)

Our top picks for facial oils: 

  • FEMMUE Ideal Oil Camellia

Korean skincare brand FEMMUE is certainly known for their facial oils and one of their most popular products is the Ideal Oil Camellia. This product is super lightweight and has a well-formulated blend of soothing, firming and hydrating oils like 67% pure camelia oil, olive, rosa, grapeseed and jasmine oil and will leave you with baby-smooth skin. 

  • 111 Skin Celestial Black Diamond Retinol Oil

If retinol is right up your alley, you’ll definitely want to try 111 Skin’s Celestial black Diamond Retinol Oil. This black little bottle contains all the things you could possibly want from an oil: it helps reduce the signs of aging, blemishes, pigmentation and basically speeds up cell-turnover so it works overnight in dramatically changing your skin. The icing on the cake is that it actually contains diamond particles!

  • FEMMUE Camelia 73

Another very lightweight oil from FEMMUE, Camelia 73 is a non-greasy oil that contains Jeju Island’s 73% pure Camellia seed oil, 9% grape seed oil, canola oil, olive oil, and rosa oil leaving your smooth and radiant with a healthy glow.

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