Your Bridal Checklist: How to Achieve Glowing and Beautiful Skin For Your Big Day

By Julia Roble

It’s June and the highly-anticipated Bridal month is here! Days and weeks inch closer towards your big day that you’ve spent a multitude of time planning over. Now that you’ve covered all the big details from the flowers to the venue to the ever taxing guest list, it’s high time to shift your focus to one very important matter in every bride’s routine – your Bridal Beauty. You’ve taken care of the rest of the factors of your big day, now let us take care of your Bridal Beauty check-list. 

With that in mind, BFF has formulated your go-to guide paired with our hand-picked products to make you feel like the beautiful, blushing bride that you are on your special day!




Dentist appointments: Now is the time to book all your dentist appointments from the basic cleaning to teeth whitening, making sure your pearly whites are good to go for any photo-op. 

Botox: If you’re looking into getting botox and having those fine lines and wrinkles disappear before the big day, it’s best to do it now rather than earlier so any swelling or issues that arise may go down in time. 

Diet regimen: Wanting to lose weight before the event? No worries! There’s still time to shed a few pounds if you follow a healthy diet and fitness plan

Double cleansing: With all the gunk and maskne your skin has gone through, it may be time to reconsider double cleansing. This process deeply cleanses your pores but doesn’t strip away your skin from the natural oils. This FEMMUE duo of their Brilliant Cleansing Oil and Gel is a great choice for this!



Hair appointments: Schedule all your hair appointments a fortnight before your wedding. This is reserved for dyeing your hair, cutting it, or having it go under some treatment for any damage. Speaking of hair care, if you need an intensive hair and scalp treatment prior to the big day, be sure to try Philip B’s rejuvenating oil which moisturizes even the most damaged hair, bringing the much-needed bounce back into it.

Detox: The big day is coming up! Now it’s time to flush out all your toxins. Trizie Clean Fiber is perfect for if you want your body to reset with a total instant gut cleanse. Infused with natural powerful fibers and prebiotics. 




Facials: Call up your derma and book your facials now! A week before is the right time to get a facial or any aesthetic treatment that isn't super harsh on the skin. Though, it’s ideal to stay away from any chemical peels this close to the day. 

Wax: Best to schedule your wax (or laser hair removal) appointments a week prior to the event, to achieve smooth skin for your wedding. 




Mani/Pedi: Don’t forget your nails! You’re definitely going to be taking pictures of your rings and you’re going to want a cute mani/pedi to go with it. 

Easy Detox: Looking for a light detox before the big day? Trizie’s Grape Fiber should do the trick. It’s jam packed with antioxidants like Grape Seed Extract and Amino Acid Chelate and specifically targets weight loss and fast detox. In addition to that, it’s also low calorie and no GMO’s added, perfect for when you want to shred some last-minute wedding weight or cut down on the bloating.




Get enough sleep: Getting that much needed beauty rest is essential to your bridal routine. You’ve got a long day ahead of you! Make sure you get at least eight hours of sleep so you wake up fresh and well-rested. Wake up fresh and well rested with the helping hand of Trizie Night Z designed with a distinct DreamBoost Blend of L-theanine , Chamomile, Gingko Biloba, Saffron, and Vitamin C.

Skincare routine: A solid pre-wedding skincare routine is key the night before. This gives your skin enough time to soak up all the good products and ingredients so you wake up with glowing, bridal skin. 

Dr. Spiller’s Glow - The Radiance Ampoule is our top choice when it comes to attaining radiant looking skin. This ampoule brings back the radiance that the skin has lost due to various stressors and makes blemishes disappear like magic, giving the skin a natural glow while also hydrating and protecting your skin. All you have to do is break open the ring area of the ampoule using an ampoule opener or a tissue and gently apply all the product on your face, neck and decollete area.

Hydrate: Another important step that brides easily overlook – hydration! Make sure you never forget to drink tons of water before the event. Staying hydrated is vital, especially for a big occasion. 




Your wedding day is finally here, the day you’ve been preparing for so long. It’s a momentous celebration, but there’s still a few things to check off the checklist, but don’t fret, we’ve got you covered! 


Every bride should feel like the most beautiful person in the room on their wedding day. All things considered, a crucial part of any bridal beauty routine is the skincare prep before the big event. This step is essential to achieve the radiant looking skin every bride dreams of achieving on the big day. FEMMUE’s Ever Glow Cushion is perfect for when you want just enough coverage on the day of your wedding. It’s made of camellia oil, rose oil and jasmine oil that soothes and calms your skin without clogging your pores. It’s perfect for when you want healthy, glowing skin with a filter. 


Looking exhausted on the big day is the last thing you want to look like. Apart from getting a good night’s sleep the night before, it’s vital to look like it too. 111 Skin’s Rose Gold Illuminating Mask can make you look well-rested by illuminating, uplifting and awakening your delicate under eye area. This product boasts instant results, with high quality ingredients like colloidal gold and rose damask extract. 


You’re bound to have several engagements on the day from the ceremony to the reception to a very fun-filled after party. That said, you may not have a lot of time to retouch your hair all through-out and so a good working product to make sure your hair stays in place is super ideal! Philip B’s Jet Set Precision Control Hair Spray does the exact job making sure your strands are in place without the stiffness or crunchiness of a typical hair spray. Additionally, it also provides volume and texture with a shiny finish to make your hair look fuller and fabulous all day long. 

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