The Best Sellers Set


The Best Sellers Set

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Discover the best of  EviDenS de Beauté, with this set of best sellers from the French Japanese luxury brand.

Get  EviDenS de Beauté best sellers in try-me sizes and sample some of our most-loved skin care products with this amazing beauty set. This five-piece collection in convenient travel sizes offers AM and PM essentials, which when used together deliver skin renewal benefits around the clock for perfectly moisturized, lifted, toned and ultra-luminous skin. The kit also includes 6 samples that will allow you to discover the luxurious  EviDenS de Beauté brand, while enhancing your skin with the brand's all-time favorite products. Enjoy the iconic products by  EviDenS de Beauté in one luxurious kit!

Features these products

1. The Moisturizing Lotion (30 ml)
2. The Serum (2.5ml)
3. The Rich Cream (10ml)
4. The Special Mask (10ml)
5. The Night Recovery Solution (10ml) 


Prepare your skin for subsequently applied day care with The Moisturizing Lotion (30 ml). This refreshing elixir completes the cleansing routine to immediately soothe and restore comfort, while leaving an intense moisturizing and velvety smooth veil over the face. 

Then, enhance your skin’s youthfulness with The Serum (2.5 ml). This elixir of youth is instantly absorbed into the skin, where it activates vital functions, bringing softness, firmness and radiance to the face. 

Follow up with The Rich Cream (10 ml), which delivers immediate comfort and intense nourishment, while restoring moisture, firmness, suppleness and radiance to the skin. It fills in deep wrinkles and fine lines, reduces irritation and protects the face from the harmful effects of the environment. 

Once or twice a week, wake up the skin with The Special Mask (10 ml). This fresh, melt-in emulsion is designed to lift, tone and refine skin, while illuminating the complexion. It delivers an amazing “icy effect” for a long-lasting cooling sensation and immediate healthy-looking results. It also strengthens pores, while leaving skin looking fresh, clear and matte.

Finally, boost your skin’s natural overnight repair functions with the “beauty sleep” mask: The Night Recovery Solution (10 ml).  Use two to three times a week to revitalize tired and dull skin, repair signs of aging and erase damage caused by the environment. A unique “overnight hydration bath”, this light gel-cream intensely rehydrates skin for immediate and long-lasting refreshing action, while enveloping it in a protective “second skin” for a soft, toned, plump, smooth and radiant appearance.

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