The Night Moisturizer, 50ml


The Night Moisturizer, 50ml

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End the day by revitalizing and restoring your skin overnight with the Night Moisturizer, and wake up to fully soothed and relaxed skin.

The Night Moisturizer is designed to hydrate, protect and revitalize the skin, while diminishing signs of aging. It is formulated with a powerful cocktail of active principles, including Triple CollagenВ®, the brand's exclusive anti-aging ingredient. Enriched with refreshing and hydrating La Foux Spring Water, known for its curative properties, it helps calm the skin, while replenishing moisture. It also contains the QaIВ® Complex, combined with cell densifying agents (Myristate, Sorbitol) to soothe, plump up, soften and add luminous radiance to the skin after a good night sleep. Suitable for women and men of all ages and skin types, even the most sensitive, the Night Moisturizer rapidly promotes the natural cell renewal process to erase signs of aging and rejuvenate the face overnight. Upon waking, signs of fatigue are reduced, and skin appears well-rested and fully relaxed. An essential part of all skin care rituals, this EviDenS de BeautГ© nighttime moisturizing cream optimizes natural skin repair functions to energize the skin and intensify its natural regeneration cycle, while delivering calming benefits to unveil your skin's luminous beauty.


Apply a small amount to thoroughly cleansed face and neck in the evening. Gently massage into skin until fully absorbed and then continue with more active, stimulating movements for effective skin care action. Finish with light and relaxing strokes for maximum results.

Active ingredients
Moisturizing, Refreshing: Eau de la Foux
Anti-aging: QaIВ® Complex Agents
Emollient, Protecting: Squalene
Repairing, Densifying, Smoothing: Myristate
Densifying & Moisture Shield: Sorbitol

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