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Everything You Need to Know About Serum Layering

Serums are one of the best-loved products in any skincare routine. These little bottles are often jam-packed with super concentrated nutrients, antioxidants and hydrators that do the job of boosting your skincare regime. All things considered, this brings us to the topic of serum layering.  


A-Z's Of Skincare: Your Complete Guide

By Julia Roble   A – E | F – J | K – O | P – T | U – W | Y – Z   Self-care comes in various different shapes and forms. For us, self-care comes in the form of skincare & wellness. A good and solid skincare and wellness routine is sacred towards taking care of ourselves.  With that said, as we celebrate our very first anniversary at BFF Manila, we look back at some of our prized and most-loved products through a glossary of everything you need to know about beauty.   A – Acne    If you’re blessed with great genes, chances are you’ve never had a problem with acne which makes you one of...


BFF Approved: Our Team's Best of the Best Picks

At BFF Manila, we only carry products we absolutely love. As passionate beauty curators, our team has personally tried, tested, and approved every item in the collection.  After a year of mixing and matching our offerings, we're thrilled to share our personal favorites; all of which are backed by innovative and quality formulas, insanely delightful textures, and superior results.       FEMMUE Gypsy Rose Calming Mask "I am obsessed with the FEMMUE Gypsy Rose Calming Mask. First, the color and texture combined, is a feast for the eyes. Second, the feel on my skin is invigorating. I can feel the Kaolin Clay doing its detox magic on my face.   The best part is letting it dry and stay on...