All Around Sun Protection

By Katarina De Guzman

Will you be heading to a tropical getaway anytime soon? Whether you're planning to have an exciting island-hopping adventure or simply relaxing by the beach with a good book, you should never forget about sun protection! Unlike when we were kids, sun protection is more than just slathering sunscreen all over your face since the sun's harsh UV rays can also damage the skin all over our bodies and even our hair. Prolonged exposure to UV rays may cause wrinkles, premature aging, sunburn, and brittle hair. So, to prepare you for your next vacation, we have hand-picked four sun-approved products you should add to your beach bag!

To protect your skin, we recommend using Evidens de Beaute's The Total Shield, a potent sunscreen that protects skin from harmful rays and irritation with SPF 50 and vitamin E for a vibrant glow defended against aging. This product is also formulated with powerful ingredients such as Knotweed Extract Antioxidants and 4 Sun Filters to effectively shield damage caused by UVA rays, UVB rays, infrared light, and blue light. The Total Shield also revitalizes the complexion, improves radiance, and offers rejuvenating action on all skin types, even the most sensitive, making it suitable for women and men of all ages. Apply this product every morning after your skincare routine, even if you're not going anywhere sunny, to give you extra protection against the UV rays of the sun.

To protect your hair, we found these two incredible products from no other than Philip B! First, we have the Thermal Protection Spray, a lightweight spray that adds texture, volume, and protection against heat styling tools. This is the perfect pre-styling primer that will make your hair shinier while preventing damage. Easily mist this on before sun exposure and gently comb your hair after. 

Next, we have the Maui Wowie Volumizing & Thickening Beach Mist, which is a light spray to achieve those gorgeous, sexy beachy waves. This mist is designed with a miracle formula of sea salt, aloe vera, pure Orchid, and Kukui oils- giving you a texturizer and conditioning treatment combined in one. While applying, try scrunching your hair to get maximum bounce impact! 

Finally, for the ultimate summer protection, try TRIZIE Bloom Jelly, a yummy jelly snack that is supercharged with brightening sun shield ingredients for glowing skin and UV protection! One of the main ingredients on Bloom Jelly is White Tomato Extract, which can absorb UV and infrared wavelengths, providing excellent protection against destructive sun rays. We recommend eating two sachets a day before or after eating your meals for the best results.



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