7 Personalities and How They Bloom with BFF

By Julia Roble

Hey BFFs!

This May, BFF is in full bloom as we celebrate our very first birthday! Despite the pandemic, various people have continuously bloomed into their best selves in their own ways – may that be through a proper skincare regimen, high quality hair care products, or solid wellness routine. As we celebrate our anniversary, we got some of our favorite BFFs to share their best-loved products with us:  

  1. Camille Co, Entrepreneur and Lifestyle Content Creator

“The Femmue Lumiere Vital C Serum is my fave! I love that it’s mild but effective in brightening my skin. Vitamin C serums are usually tricky when you’ve got sensitive skin but this one didn’t give me any bad reactions at all and it smells great too!”

FEMMUE Lumiere Vital C Serum

  1. Aimee Hashim, Luxury Lifestyle Consultant

“As a mom and an entrepreneur, sometimes I tend to neglect my skin care needs. Since BFF came to the Philippines, I never had to worry about running out of my essentials. My ultimate favorites—-which became a hit to many: the Evidens 7 minute mask and Evidens The Silky Bath & Shower Cream gives me the ultimate feeling of a luxurious self reward. I’ve been blooming with BFF ever since.”




EviDenS 7 Minutes Moisture and Lift Mask

EviDenS The Silky Bath & Shower Cream

  1. Vern Enciso, Entrepreneur and Lifestyle Content Creator

“Trizie Clean is my favorite BFF product because it helped me feel my best during my wedding day! :) [I] lost inches days before my [wedding] day that we had to alter my dress last minute to fit me perfectly.”


 Trizie Clean Fiber 7 Day

  1. Suki Salvador, One Mega Group President

“I’ve started using Biologique Recherche P50* for over two weeks now and the rumors are true, it really is legendary. I’ve noticed that my skin feels tighter, has a pinkish undertone and has a glow unlike any other. BR P50 is easily my favorite product from the BFF roster.”

  1. Mikaela Lagdameo, Host and Lifestyle Content Creator

“Been loving the EviDenS Special Mask. It works like magic! Wake up with glowing skin all week with just once-twice a week application. Instantly resets your skin after a tired day. It really is my fave!”

EviDenS Special Mask

  1. Jess Wilson, Entrepreneur and Model 

“My favorite is the Biologique Recherche Lotion P50*. I’ve loved this product for years now,  how it makes me skin feel so clean and bright every time I put it on.”


  1. Boom Sason, Designer

“Philip B Lightweight Deep Conditioner, Sturm Anti-Aging Body Cream and EviDenS Foaming Cleansing Gel are my absolute faves. It is perfect for my highlights, [while the] body cream works best for my dry skin because I’m always tanning. The Cleansing Gel is perfect because I have combination skin”


Philip B Lightweight Deep Conditioner



EviDenS Foaming Cleansing Gel


*Biologique Recherche was bought through BFF Bangkok, and is not distributed through BFF Manila website. Learn more by messaging us directly on Instagram @bff_mnl.



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