Get that Glow: The Video Conferencing Edition

Now is the age of Zoom catch-ups, Webex office meetings and Kahoot games. And while we have mostly avoided the need to go out and be seen, our faces have never been this focused since school glam shots were still a thing. Let’s face it – good lighting can only do so much. Sure, a quick run to your make-up kit can do wonders, but there’s nothing more motivating joining these calls than knowing your skin is looking healthy, always ready to face your video conferences.

Let’s start off with the most obvious way – hydration. A good skincare routine has 1 or 2 steps dedicated to hydrating the skin. We would give a shout-out to 2 items, 111Skin’s Antioxidant Energising Essence and Dr. Barbara Sturm’s Hyaluronic Serum. While both of these products are lightweight and not sticky, they give that boost of hydration the skin needs. We recommend immediately following up with the essence right after patting your skin dry (after cleansing) – it is best that you apply it while the skin is still damp for maximum hydration. You can then follow up with the serum packed with hyaluronic acid which draws moisture from the air and locks it in the skin.

A common misconception is that hydration is synonymous to moisturizing. They are different. Think of hydration as filling a cup of water and moisturizing as covering that cup. Without moisturizing, the water will eventually evaporate, leaving the cup dry. Basically, that’s why you would want to moisturize in order to seal in all the hydration that you have just infused in your skin. We are currently obsessed with Evidens de Beaute’s The Day Moisturizer and The Night Moisturizer. Both of these creams are not only emollient enough to prevent your skin from drying out, they also have anti-aging properties (and who doesn’t like delaying aging?). While The Day Moisturizer is lighter, giving you enough to sail through the day without looking like an old handbag, The Night Moisturizer is richer, helping your skin through the night as it recovers.

Big meeting tomorrow? Why not slap on a mask right before going to bed? We know we can’t stop talking about this but we highly recommend checking out 111Skin’s Master Masking Set which gives you a teaser of the brand’s best-selling face and eye masks. What’s good about starting off with this is that you’ll get to try out multiple variants and check from which your skin benefits the most before “committing” to a full size box. But if you are looking to stock up, and in the spirit of the quarantine and video calls, we would recommend the De-puffing Eye Mask to slap on a few hours before your meeting to undo any evidence of your Netflix binge the night prior.

Bad breakout but you cannot get away with your camera off? If it bothers you to death, you can check out Dr. Barbara Sturm’s Clarifying Spot Treatment which comes in three shades. What’s good about this is that unlike your usual concealer, it has skin clarifying ingredients for faster healing. Not only does it give you instant gratification of concealing blemishes, but it also has a lot of skin reparative properties.

As a final touch, and for the ultimate glow, this list wouldn’t be complete without Dr. Barbara Sturm’s Glow Drops. We love this as it gives that instant glow, as if using a highlighter. But like the brand’s spot treatments, it does not only provide instant results, but also long-term skin improvement.

There you have it, we hope that you find these recommendations helpful. And the next time you ask “Can you see my screen?”, you’ll have an extra glowing, healthy skin to match.



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