Supercharge Your Glow with Masks

By Katarina De Guzman

With so many beauty products in the markets and regimens posted online, there is one common denominator everyone wants to achieve- glowing skin. To attain this natural-looking radiance, your skin has to be healthy and hydrated at all times. Your food intake, exercise activities, and skincare routine play an essential role in giving you the glowing skin you've always dreamt of. One of the best ways to keep your skin hydrated is by using face masks, but with all the choices, how will you choose the best type for you? Read more to learn about the different types of facial masks:

Liquid Masks from 111SKIN

Liquid Masks are the best pick for nourishing your dry & dehydrated skin since you can control how much to put depending on your preference and skin type. If you are curious to try this type of mask, we recommend the Precious Liquid Masking Edit from 111 Skin which contains 3 of the brand's best-selling masks, the NAC Y2 Recovery Mask, the Oxygen Express Mask, and the Molecular Hydration Mask. These three masks are each from 111 Skin's Reparative, Regenerative & Treatment collections, which offer transformational results with clinical-level actives. The set also includes a gorgeous classic woven bag, making it the perfect present for any skincare enthusiast.

Eye Masks from Evidens

The skin around the eye area is one of the most fragile parts of your face since it is prone to show signs of aging & fatigue. This is why taking care of your eye area, especially the under-eyes, is crucial in anyone's beauty routine. The New Born Eye Mask from EviDenS de Beauté intensely hydrates, diminishes undereye bags, and rejuvenates the skin. These patches work wonders at soothing the eye area after a long and hectic day or energizing tired eyes before your morning beauty ritual. After only 15 minutes, your under-eye area will instantly look refreshed and revived!

Gel Masks from Dr. Spiller

Gel masks are best to use when your skin needs an extra boost of hydration. With its consistency, the serums can penetrate deep into your skin to lock in moisture. Gel masks are usually cooling as well, which would feel extra refreshing when used after a workout or any type of sun exposure. Dr. Spiller's Fresh & Fruit Moisturizing Mask is an invigorating gel mask with fruit enzymes, making it an absolute favorite for all skin types during the summer. Pineapple, Mango, and Papaya extracts are known to prevent cells from ceasing their activity prematurely and help preserve the skin's youthfulness and elasticity. This effect is also enhanced by storing the mask in the refrigerator! 

Sheet Masks from Femmue

Finally, we have the most popular facial mask of all- sheet masks. By using a sheet mask, your skin will be able to absorb the concentrated serum more effectively compared to the usual creams. Sheet masks can also be used by any skin type as they are available in various formulas and ingredients that would suit your skin conditions perfectly. If you are still new to using face masks, we recommend Femmue's Dream Glow Mask Plump Firm. This product is infused with botanical ingredients that can soothe damaged, stressed, and sensitive skin. 

Pro Tip: Don't forget to use the leftover serum in the packet! You can apply this to your chest and arm areas for extra hydration. 

Mark your calendars! 

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