The Ultimate Guide to Dark Spots and Under-eye Circles

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             Nowadays, so many of us aspire to get glowing, radiant skin. But for those who have had a long road on their skin care journey, it seems as if one problem is just replaced by another. Dark spots left behind from acne scars seem to take forever to fade, and it seems like there’s nothing that can’t be done to illuminate dark under-eyes. 

            Thankfully, there’s a way in which we can speed up the process of getting rid of discoloration. That’s why we have some expert tips on how to combat the top two radiance concerns: dark spots and under-eye circles!

            Dark spots appear because of the melanin that our skin produces after a pimple disappears. Antioxidants can help to get rid of these when applied topically. In particular, vitamin C is a potent antioxidant that is a holy grail for many people. This powerful ingredient inhibits melanin production, which in turn lessens discoloration and hyperpigmentation. Another benefit of the ingredient is that it helps to fight free radicals, aiding our skin in offsetting damage from UV rays and air pollution. So not only does it get rid of dark spots, but it also protects our skin from daily stressors that overtime, contribute towards premature aging.




            A powerful vitamin C that anyone can benefit from in their skincare routine is the 111 Skin Vitamin C Brightening Booster. You can mix a few drops of this concentrated treatment with your favorite moisturizer, or you may apply it directly to your skin after cleansing.  It combines pure vitamin C with glutathione and liquorice root to boost the brightening and antioxidant effects. It is also formulated with citric acid which helps to drive the ingredients deeper in the skin, without the irritation. As a result, it targets signs of hyper pigmentation, age spots, and uneven skin tone, while reducing and preventing discolorations.


            If you have sensitive skin, you'll love cult Kbeauty brand FEMMUE's Lumiere Vital C serum! It's divine at brightening skin against dark spots because of the non-irritating yet potent ascorbic glucocide (a vitamin C derivative). Pure vitamin C (also known as L-ascorbic acid) can be irritating for those with more sensitive skin, so this a beautiful alternative for those with sensitive skin or newbies to this active. BONUS: It's infused with brightening superstars alpha-bisabolol and tocopherol; and all-around holy grails (hyaluronic acid, vitamin E, and panthenol, centella asiatica, and safflower seed oil)!




             Under-eye circles are even trickier because of delicate skin on this area that makes it prone to damage. In this busy, sleep-deprived world, our under-eye circles just can’t seem to catch a break.

 PRO TIP: When you wake up with puffy eyes, a refrigerated face roller can do the job to help you de-puff. However, illuminating under-eye circles requires more powerful ingredients.

            Thankfully, there’s an easy and fun way that we can give love to our under-eyes --- the 111SKIN Rose Gold Illuminating Eye Mask is designed to uplift, illuminate and awaken the delicate skin surrounding your eyes. This hydrogel mask is infused with antioxidant-rich colloidal gold and rose damask extract to support a stronger moisture barrier, fend off external aggressors, and boost skin radiance to create a more naturally luminous under-eye area.


We hope that we were able to help you, BFFs! Let’s do our best to make our skin radiant and glowy as we go along our skin care journey.  



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Article by Andi Panaguiton


111SKIN Vitamin C Brightening Booster

FEMMUE Lumiere Vital C 

111SKIN Rose Gold Illuminating Eye Mask




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