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Are Ampoules Skincare's Latest Innovation?

By Julia Roble There are many skincare products rising to popularity nowadays and one that’s definitely on that list are ampoules. Despite it being a fairly new addition to a lot of global and big skincare companies, ampoules have actually been around for quite some time. The popularity of its use originates from South Korea and we’re not surprised since it’s practically one of the skincare capitals of the world.   A staple for Korean women and now a favorite amongst many, these little concentrated serums are highly effective and work in a short amount of time so we can certainly see why a lot of people swear by it! Curious to know more? Check out our guide below!   ...


Everything You Need to Know About Serum Layering

Serums are one of the best-loved products in any skincare routine. These little bottles are often jam-packed with super concentrated nutrients, antioxidants and hydrators that do the job of boosting your skincare regime. All things considered, this brings us to the topic of serum layering.  


A-Z's Of Skincare: Your Complete Guide

By Julia Roble   A – E | F – J | K – O | P – T | U – W | Y – Z   Self-care comes in various different shapes and forms. For us, self-care comes in the form of skincare & wellness. A good and solid skincare and wellness routine is sacred towards taking care of ourselves.  With that said, as we celebrate our very first anniversary at BFF Manila, we look back at some of our prized and most-loved products through a glossary of everything you need to know about beauty.   A – Acne    If you’re blessed with great genes, chances are you’ve never had a problem with acne which makes you one of...


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