EviDenS Brightening Saho

The Brightening Saho range offers four products that are suitable for all skin types, even sensitive. Specially formulated to reduce pigmentation irregularities and restore radiance, this skin clarifying lineoffers an intensive beauty routine to fight against and minimize the appearance of dark spots.

The Brightening Lotion immediately refreshes the skin and inhibits the dark spot formation process.

The Brightening Serum adds luminosity and moisturizes the skin, restoring balance and evening out skin tone for a bright and luminous complexion.

The Brightening Cream protects, moisturizes, soothes and nourishes the skin, while attenuating existing dark spots and preventing new spots from forming for a bright, even-toned and beautifully flawless complexion.

The Intensive Brightening Cure delivers deep-down clarifying action on dark spots and pigmentation irregularities.

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