Bloom Jelly (12.5g x 5 Sachets) - Starter Pack
Bloom Jelly (12.5g x 5 Sachets) - Starter Pack
Bloom Jelly (12.5g x 5 Sachets) - Starter Pack


Bloom Jelly (12.5g x 5 Sachets) - Starter Pack

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TRIZIE Bloom Jelly is a yummy jelly snack, supercharged with BRIGHTENING SUNSHIELD (White Tomato and Red Orange Complex) for brighter skin and UV protection.

TRIZIE Bloom Jelly allows you to boost your daily routine into fun, and convenient, while giving you maximum glow by:

  • Promoting anti-inflammatory results and improved UV protection - Supercharged with white tomato from USA, Blood Orange Extract, and Rice Extract for short term and long term hydration, even for sensitive skin. As a cult favorite skin ingredient, Bloom Jelly penetrates the skin and dissolves dead skin cells and neutralizes free radicals along with shielding the skin from UV induced erythema.
  • Achieving brighter skin - Contains Pine Bark Extract, Vitamin C, and B3 that protects the skin from damages, strengthens skin hydration, and reduces hyperpigmentation. 
  • Boosting anti-aging effects - Packed with Vitamin E that shields the skin from pollution and environmental stressors through its powerful antioxidant properties, giving you the natural ability to fight signs of anti-aging

Designed with a yummy mixed berry flavor in a jelly candy form for your fun beauty routine. 

Eat 2 sachets a day for best results.

Low calorie (10kcal per sachet) and low sugar (less than 1 gram)

  1. Eat up to 2 sachets of the jelly snacks per day for best results. 
  2. Take before or after meals.

Made with BRIGHTENING SUNSHIELD from potent skin food:

  • Rice Extract, Blood Orange Extract, Tomato Extract for anti-inflammation
  • Pine Bark Extract, Vitamin C, B3 for brightening skin against hyperpigmentation
  • Vitamin E for anti-aging

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