The Brightening Lotion, 200ml


The Brightening Lotion, 200ml

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The Brightening Lotion soothes and refreshes like no other, while restoring moisture, reducing pigmentation, and making skin more radiant.

An important step in your cleansing routine, This soothing and moisturizing lotion from The Brightening Saho range of Japanese cosmetics immediately refreshes the skin and adds a warm glow to the complexion, leaving the face bright and even-toned, while ensuring that the active ingredients from subsequently applied products are perfectly absorbed. This stimulating mineral-based lotion soothes skin after cleansing, preventing oxygen activation inside cells to slow down the formation of dark spots. Highly concentrated in 'Bright Domino Process' agents (Fullerene - Fig Leave Extract, Hyaluronic Acid, Chamomile), a synergistic blend of 7 cutting-edge ingredients with skin brightening and antioxidant properties, The Brightening Lotion prepares skin for The Brightening Serum and The Brightening Cream to effectively fight against dark spots, for an even-toned complexion and youthful glow. Suitable for women and men of all ages and skin types, this skin clarifying lotion targets each step of the pigmentation process to block and reverse chain reactions, reducing pigmentation irregularities, minimizing existing spots and protecting skin from future spots, while restoring youthful radiance to the complexion. Say no to stubborn dark spots and reveal your skin's bright inner beauty, with The Brightening Lotion!


Use in the morning and evening. Soak a cotton pad or apply to your fingertips and gently run over the neck and face. For best results, you may follow it up with your lotion or moisturizing cream.

Active Ingredients
Triple CollagenВ В®, Bright Domino ProcessВ® Complex,В  QAIВ® Complex,В 
Moisturizing, Soothing: Hyaluronic Acid
Moisturizing: Glycosyl Trehalose
Soothing: Chamomile Extract

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