The Intensive Brightening Cure, 28ml x4


The Intensive Brightening Cure, 28ml x4

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Delivers global action on dark spots and pigmentation irregularities. This skin care set works to moisturize and firm, offering nourishment and protection for an even-toned complexion and youthful glow.

Consisting of four vials of the Essence and four Mask, this ultra-enriched weekly anti-spot care features an extremely high concentration of cutting-edge micro-encapsulated "Bright Domino Process" agents that work to regulate and even out skin tone. The Intensive Brightening Essence, corrects pigmentation flaws and revives the skin's original glow. The active ingredients contained in each vial are released when opened to protect their full potency. The 7 Minutes Brightening Anti-Aging Mask is concentrated in the ingredients used in the Brightening range for two-fold action on factors responsible for age spots. As the radiance 'booster' in the skin brightening program, it helps erase existing spots and imperfections, while protecting and moisturizing the skin. Unveil your skin's natural beauty with this must-have EviDenS de Beauté intensive clarifying treatment!


Use once a week for four weeks, as an intensive treatment. Apply the bottle of Intensive Brightening Essence to thoroughly cleansed face (do not store once opened). Gently massage into skin using small circular movements, paying particular attention to dark spots and skin tone imperfections. Then, apply the mask and leave on for 7 minutes. Do not rinse off.

Active Ingredients QAIВ® Complex, Triple Collagen, Bright Domino Process

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