Holiday Glow Cream Serum Kit
Holiday Glow Cream Serum Kit
Holiday Glow Cream Serum Kit


Holiday Glow Cream Serum Kit

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Get your Holiday glow on with FEMMUE Holiday Glow Cream Serum Kit. Inspired by the energy of flowers and their potent anti-stress ability to heal, strengthen, and support the skin, FEMMUE has developed a unique approach that places Flower Therapy at the core of the range. 

All FEMMUE products are packed with high-quality ingredients and come in luxurious, innovative textures allowing for time to embrace the ritualistic elements of skincare while still targeting skin concerns.

  • Glow Drops, 30 ml
  • Balance Moments, 10 ml
  • Ideal Creme Riche, 5g
  • Dream Glow Mask Plump Firm, 1 Sheet
  • Dream Glow Mask Revitalize Radiance, 1 Sheet

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