Electrolyzed Water Generator

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Keep yourself safe, clean, and healthy in the new normalВ by sterilizing, and disinfecting any surface with the Vauzen Electrolyzed Water Generator.

With innovative technology, Vauzen converts regular tap water into electro-ionized water, which contains hypochlorous acid (HOCL), a known and potent sterilizer which is proven safe for humans, and hydroxyl (•OH) radicals, highly reactive particles which effectively disinfect and kill harmful bacteria.

Adding salt increases the sterilizing potential of electrolyzed water to disinfect, deodorize, and clean residue.

Made from South Korea, Vauzen Electrolyzed Water GeneratorВ electrolyzes water particles, making them potent enough to clean and disinfect surfaces,В kill bacteria,В remove stains and dirt, andВ deodorize foul scents.

Save money with Vauzen Electrolyzed Water Generator.В By purchasing Vauzen for your cleaning and sterilizing needs, you get toВ SAVE up to P10,000 a year byВ cutting spending on bleach, disinfectants, sterilizing water, and other sanitary needs. With Vauzen, you only need tap water and salt to clean and disinfect any surface.


Operating the machine

1. Pour 400ml (3.5oz) tap water into theВ bottle.
2. Add a spoonful (1/8tsp) of salt into theВ bottle and mix.
3. Secure the cap on the bottle and lightly shake.
4. Secure the bottle onto the base of the electrolyzer
5. Turn on the power and select low mode which will ionize water for 1 minute, or high mode which will ionize water for 3 minutes.
6. After the blue light goes off, dismount the bottle and spray it on areas you wish to disinfect.

To use electrolized water to clean and sterilize your home, you can

- spray it on areas you wantВ to disinfect like counters, and surfaces
- pour into a bowl to soak dirty clothes, or fruits and vegetables
- pour electrolyzed water onto dirty surfaces like the floor
- spray onto a piece of cloth and wipe surfacesВ 
- wash hands and face with electrolized water

Where to use:В 

Electrolyzed water can be used to clean and disinfect a multitude of items. Sterilize your homes, office spaces, kitchens, bathrooms, public toilets, and vehicles with Vauzen. Clean, deodorize, and disinfect even pet toys and supplies, baby toys, fruits and vegetables. You can even soak dirty and smelly clothes in electrolyzed water for deodorizing and sterilizing.В 

Electrolized water is NOT safe for drinking
DO NOT add saltВ to the mixure when electrolized water is to be used for gargling,В or cleaning our bodies.
Make sure that food and baby toys are rinsed with running water or dried well after cleaning with Vauzen.В 




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